Llandudno Beach


Cape Town and its surrounding areas have beautiful beautiful beaches. No matter what beach you go to in the CT area, you’ll always find a great place to tan and spend a beautiful sunny day at.  My boyfriend is a Captonian and he body boards and surfs, so he knows the beaches around here pretty well. For South Africa’s National Braai Day (Heritage Day), he decided to go to one of his favorite beaches in the area to body board with his friends; and so he took me along. The beach we went to is called Llandudno (pronounced Lin-dud-no), only 20-30 minutes away from Cape Town.

I have to admit that it is now also my favorite beach in Cape Town. What I really liked about it is that it wasn’t as touristy as the typical surfing beaches that everyone knows about but the beach was just as peaceful and beautiful, and the water was just as cold as everywhere in the country (maybe because I’m used to Mexican warm waters)! Plus the fact that there weren’t any shark spotters is a good sign, it means there is no need for them because there are none there. Llandudno was the perfect place to spend my day off!



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