In search of the best pizza – Yourstruly Cafe


Saying that I love pizza is a complete understatement; maybe addiction to pizza is more like it. I love all types of pizza, big crust, thin crust, cheesy crust, I love them all! I’m on a quest to finding the most perfect pizza in the city. I think that this love of mine for pizza and the fact that I eat it anywhere I go, makes my opinion of it a very legit one.

Over the weekend I went to a very cool place called Yourstruly Cafe at 175 Longstreet. It has a hipster and artsy vibe to it that makes it quite interesting. I really loved the design of the place, I thought it had a great environment and people. The service was really good as well. This place is known for its sandwiches/rolls, its coffee and its pizza. When I went I ordered a pizza, as I almost always do, and so did my boyfriend. There are some recommendations in the menu but you can kind of “design your own”. My boyfriend choose a Margherita which wasn’t on the menu and I ordered the Good Manners with no avo. They were both delicious but both my boyfriend and I liked the Good Manners better.

If you have a time, check it out, even if it is just for coffee or just to see the place you should! Really cool…

Yourstruly website:


-John Lennon


Good Manners Pizza


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