Loading Bay


There is this super cool and chic place in De Waterkant in Green Point that serves breakfast and lunch, its called Loading Bay. I had heard about this place from a lot of Capetonians so I decided to go. I loved the architecture and decor of the place, they have the restaurant on the bottom floor and they have a super cool men’s apparel store on the second store (THEY SELL ACNE!!!) and body products on the third floor. It sounds like a big place but it isn’t. The whole architecture, concept and feel of the place is very European chic. 

Loading Bay is not only nice for its ambience full of locals, but also the food and juices are amazing! The first time I went I just had one of their juices and it was delicious, I choose the Golden Juice with pineapple, apple and mint (I added ginger) and it was just insanely good. Then the second time I went I ordered the grilled sandwich and it was just finger-licking good with the added pesto; that day I also tried the Orange Juice and it was good but I liked the Golden Juice better. I really recommend this place for a more relaxed breakfast, lunch or snack.

Loading Bay website: http://www.loadingbay.co.za



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