Neighborhoods Market @ The Old Biscuit Mill


My favorite place to go in Cape Town is The Neighborhoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. This market is outstanding, like none I’ve never seen before; I don’t think you can really make someone understand the feel of it, you just have to be there to get it. If you are ever in Cape Town on a Saturday this is an absolute MUST, you really can’t miss it! This market  is open only on Saturdays from 9h00-14h00, and they are 6 of hours of pure food bliss and joy! The market has different stands of food, drink, produce, flowers, etc. which are sold by different people from local farmers to artisan producers to small businesses. The food is just simply delicious in every single stand you go to. They sell a variety of food from different places of world like: paella, crepes, falafels and Belgian waffles.

This market also has a clothing side to it which is fantastic. They celebrate local designers which I find incredibly smart. The clothing has a very hipster and cool style to it. The market place takes place at the Old Biscuit Mill which is an already established warehouse which houses many settled stores that are open during the week as well and they just add to the whole ambience of the market.

The Neighborhoods Market at The Old Biscuit Mill is simply fantastic and you CANNOT miss it! I would put it as #1 on my list if I was coming to Cape Town for the first time.

PS. My favorite things to eat here are: the Taiwanese stand that sells all sorts of veggie dumplings and buns, and the guy who sells the mozzarella and little delicious caprese sandwiches.

The Neighobrhoods Market website:



These pastries are delicious!






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