Labia Movie Theatre


One of Cape Town’s treasures is the Labia Movie Theatre on Orange Street. If you are in Cape Town for long enough that you have time to go to the movies, you should definitely come to this place and not your normal movie theatre.  Labia doesn’t show all movies like a normal movie theatre does; Labia mostly shows indie or independent films, like Sundance awards nominated films. There are a couple of things that make this place so special. First of all its vintage look makes this little quaint place so unique that it takes you back to the 70’s; granted the seats are also old-school looking so they aren’t as comfortable as your typical movie theatre seats, but it is worth it! Secondly, they allow you to take/buy alcohol! Nowhere else will you find this… They have a fully working bar, so just imagine how cool it is to watch a movie with a glass of wine at a movie theatre, AMAZING. And thirdly, there movie selection for showing is very interesting and you can always be sure you’ll find something interesting to watch.

Such a lovely and special place!




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