Hemelhuijs is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been to in Cape Town. The restaurant is in the border of the CBD and DeWaterkant. What makes it so great is their whole concept of modern with a “clean” finish, and also their amazing attention to detail (to the decor, the staff and the food) which makes this a true one-of-a-kind experience. The idea of “it’s all in the details” describes them perfectly… even their salt is even infused with carbon! What I loved about the restaurant is how fresh the food is and how they are bringing in the idea of wholesome foods into their menu but with a very modern twist to it. I have to admit that the menu is a bit weird because I think they have one menu for all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) so the menu has a bit of all three meals; but don’t let this scare you, the taste and quality of the food are amazing! Hemelhuijs is known for their eggs, especially their poached eggs. Most of their dishes contain egg in some way (poached, scrambled, etc). I don’t eat egg so I ate toast and it was so good, the bread was so so fresh. I also had a delicious fresh juice with apple, pineapple and coconut water. It was a great meal! It is an expensive restaurant (especially when you compare it to normal breakfast prices) so just take that into consideration when looking for a place to eat.

Hemelhuijs website: http://www.hemelhuijs.co.za/restaurant.htm



Pineapple, apple and coconut



Carbon infused salt! Does taste good


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