Charly’s Bakery


If you ask any Capetonian, or anyone who knows Cape Town really well, what is the most well-known bakery in town I think that 80% will say it’s Charly’s Bakery. This is one of the most famous bakeries in Cape Town. They even have their own show, Charly’s Angels, on the South African food network channel. I think it is a very fun bakery, they do very fun designs and cakes in general. The tastes of the pastries is good (not the most amazing I’ve had, but they are good), my only complaint would be that they put too much frosting on cupcakes. If I would have to compare it to a bakery in America, I would say it reminds me of Magnolia Bakery, its more about the name than it is about the actual taste. I still recommend it because its a very fun bakery! But a word of advice… On Saturdays the line can get very long so go when you’re not in a hurry.

Charly’s Bakery website:

photo-3  photo-3

photo-5  photo-2


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