Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt


I know that Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt is actually a franchise so why would I be writing about it on my blog? Well I love frozen yogurt. I love that it is a healthier version of your typical ice cream (I mean probiotics!) but it is just as refreshing. I went to university in the US and one of the things I loved the most was Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt, I thought that I would never find anything like it here in Cape Town, but then I found Marcel’s which tastes even better! I think that knowing a nice and trustworthy place to have frozen yogurt in other countries is very important (well at least for me because I love it).

I am very picky with frozen yogurts, I need the perfect taste to actually enjoy it and I can say that Marcel’s tastes delightful. It doesn’t taste like Pinkberry or Red Mango or any of those, it actually tastes much better, more natural! I was very impressed by its deliciousness; the only thing that I didn’t like as much were the toppings, they don’t compare to the ones that Pinkberry offers but I think I’ve gotten past that minor detail.

One of the things that make this franchise so amazing besides the taste of the frozen yogurt itself is that, first of all it is South African and second of all they actually started selling frozen yogurt back in 1989 before the big hype about it hit the world, so I find them so authentic yet delicious. Really if you are ever in a mall or in a place and you see Marcel’s stop by even if it is just to try it! I personally love their litchi flavor.


I ordered this last time I was there: half natural with chocolate sprinkles and half litchi with no toppings

To find the closest Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt, their website is:


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