Babette’s Clothing


So I don’t really do a lot of apparel shopping in CT. The only stores I normally go to are Zara or Topshop if I need something; other than that I’d rather wait until I go back to America. But I recently found some very very cute stores. One of these stores is called Babette’s Clothing. There are two stores, one in the city centre on Church St. and the other one on Claremont; I’ve only been to the one on Church Street. This store is very cute; it has a vintage-quirky-feel to it. What I found really cool and interesting about the store is that they sell vintage clothes that they have modified themselves to make them have a more modern fit and design to them. They also sell clothes from local designers, which I love, I’m all about supporting your local designers! I liked the jewelry the most. I love love love jewelry and their pieces are really nice. They have everything from quirky, to vintage, to modern!

If you are looking for a cool place to find clothing/ accessories/ jewelry in Cape Town, this should be one of your choices! Great store and great stuff.

Babette’s Clothing website:
Babette’s Clothing blog: 

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