Nelson Mandela


Rest in peace Nelson Mandela

I know this post is very late but I would still like to write something about my experience in CT during one of South Africa’s most important and saddest days. On December 6th (the day after Mandela’s passing) Cape Town and the whole of South Africa was in mourning; not only could you see it with all the flags and banners on half mast or pictures and quotes of Mandela replacing commercials on TV, but you could also feel it in the air. You could definitely feel that South Africa was mourning a hero. But after a few days of this sadness in the air, there was a change, people began to commemorate and remember him instead of only mourn him.

As a foreigner in Cape Town I realized that only South Africans can truly understand who Mandela was and the extent to which this one soul influenced, moved and changed a country for better. As a foreigner I see him as one of the greatest leaders who ever lived… but for South Africans, Mandela was a father to most.

In remembrance of Mandela’s passing away, my boyfriend and I put flowers (amongst thousands of many others) on the place where he did his first speech as a free man. And I have to say it was an honor for me to be able to do that.




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