Beijing Opera

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After a very long time of searching and eating around I am very happy to say that I have finally found THE BEST dim-sum/dumpling/pot-sticker/bun restaurant in Cape Town… Beijing Opera!

Beijing Opera opened it’s doors about a month or so ago, and it is currently located in De Waterkant on Rose Street. I recently had time to go and check it out and I have to say it was amazing! It is a very simple but whole menu which changes almost on a daily basis, I would say, depending on what fresh ingredients they have. They offer: dim sum (steamed dumplings), buns and potstickers (fried dumplings); you can get your choice of pork/veg/beef/shrimp/etc. depending on what they have that day.

The experience of eating there is so great. Starting with being served the delicious green tea on that beautiful tea set is just an important small detail, I loved it! Furthermore, the decoration is very cozy but clean and modern… Visually appealing. What I loved about the set up of the restaurant was the two big wooden tables in the middle of the restaurant; this makes the restaurant feel like a friendly neighborhood place where you can just chill and eat. What I also loved about the place was being able to see what’s going on in the kitchen, and the kitchen being kind of part of the dinning experience.

I really recommend Beijing Opera to everyone coming to CT looking for a nice lunch! De Waterkant is also a really cool area to stroll around in after the lunch, and so is Bo-Kaap (which is also right there next to the restaurant). If you love dim sum, don’t miss this.

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