The Woodstock Exchange


Woodstock is an area in Cape Town that used to be very industrial, but that is slowly becoming trendier and safer as it gets developed. Old buildings are being renewed by many marketing companies, galleries, furniture shops, art/music schools, etc. making Woodstock a cool place to have a business or to hang out in. Because of this, Woodstock is considered as the artsy or hipster area of Cape Town.

The Woodstock Exchange is one of the  many scattered treasures in Woodstock. This was a building that was renewed and turned into a creative hub, where many (very well selected) creative businesses have small locals and shops. At TWE you can find marketing companies, a couple coffee shops and restaurants, a bike shop, cool clothes/accessories shop, tea shop, art galleries, etc. TWE has a very nice vibe to it, it almost feels like something you could find in NY (maybe Chelsea market) but just smaller and more selective.

I recommend you to go and check The Woodstock Exchange out if you are already in the area. If you go to The Old Biscuit Mill market on Saturdays you can definitely pass by to check it out. TWE is walking distance from Old Biscuit Mill (maybe 15 minutes walking), but bare in mind that the transition in Woodstock from industrial to artsy is still in progress, therefore it is still an area where you have to be more careful or aware of your surroundings. It is nice to walk because you can see other small vintage shops scattered around the area but a taxi would also be a good way to get there from the Old Biscuit Mill.