The Pot Luck Club

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Last week I went to the famous restaurant The Pot Luck Club. The Pot Luck Club was opened by the British chef Luke Dale-Roberts, who is the same chef who opened the even more renowned restaurant in Cape Town, The Test Kitchen. Both restaurants are located at the Old Biscuit Mill and have similar vibes but have different menus. The Potluck Club is located at the top floor (6th floor) of one of the buildings inside the Old Biscuit Mill. This location is truly special, with an almost 360 degree view of Cape Town, it really has been the most beautiful setting I’ve been in at a restaurant in the city. I like the fact that it has an open kitchen, and open layout, so the kitchen becomes part of the ambience of the restaurant. The decor is very unique as well, I would say it is trendy industrial, but very chic; even the way they served some of their food, with paper with their logo on, like NYC street food style.

The food at the restaurant is one of the best I tasted in Cape Town, it is basically a tapas menu where proportions are purposely small so you can order many dishes and share. The menu is very international, it is a mix of dishes and flavors from Asia, South Africa, Europe and America. Its diversity in its flavors and dishes makes it a very exceptional restaurant to visit because it fuses all these tastes. What I also liked is that they have a vegetarian menu available, which also had delicious dishes like tofu tacos. My absolute favorite dish was the beef short ribs, they were insanely delicious. For the table we order the Moroccan lamb, the Korean chicken, potato wedges, fish tacos as well as the tofu tacos and a few other things. We ordered like 9 different dishes to share and I think it was the perfect amount for 3 people, although we were very full by the end. I would say that everyone interested in having a outstanding culinary experience should definitely go to The Pot Luck Club. It is quite pricey, but it is worth the price, even the service was the best I’ve had in Cape Town so far.

The only small problem is that because it is so famous you do have to book your table at least 2 or 3 weeks in advanced. I booked it 2 weeks in advanced and was only able to get the 6 pm slot instead of the 8 pm slot (they only sit people at either 6pm or 8pm), but I really didn’t mind because it was my dream to go to this restaurant. If you are a foodie, then you have to eat at The Pot Luck Club. And if you do go you have to try the pomegranate, litchi and sake cocktail… best cocktail I’ve ever had!

The Pot Luck Club Website:


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