Sea Point Promenade


For those of you coming to Cape Town for a week or so, if you get a pretty day and you feel like going for a beautiful walk but are tired of the V&A or tired of the touristy scene I would recommend the Sea Point promenade. It is also a good place to do a bit of exercise if you want to go for a run or a long walk.  The Sea Point promenade is a walkway, specifically made for pedestrians, that goes along the sea. It starts in Mouille Point and goes all the way through to Bantry Bay. But what I think makes it so special is being able to walk next to the sea, you can sometimes spot surfers trying to catch the perfect wave, or whales, dolphins and seals, and because it is not very touristy you see all the locals walking there dogs or just exercising. As a backdrop you get Lion’s Head and Signal Hill which just makes it even more beautiful. I normally like to walk when it’s busy because it’s a bit more entertaining, I love to see the people and the dogs. I also love to get the sunset when I’m walking there, so I like to go around 4pm or 5pm during the week, and go for a walk. So for those of you coming to Cape Town for a longer period of time I really recommend the promenade. 

Sea Point Promenade Information website:



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