TEDxCape Town


Surprise speaker: Zolani Mahola

I’ve been watching TED talks online for about 5 years. I find these talks to be informative, catchy, creative and most importantly they actually make you think. It’s been countless times where I feel inspired to do, create or learn about something after watching a TED talk. I had always wanted to attend one of these conferences because I wanted to be part of their mission of “ideas worth spreading”. Over the weekend I finally got the opportunity to attend one of the TEDx conferences here in Cape Town; this year the conference was called “Design Your Thinking”. I have to say that it was really amazing, and the speakers were outstanding. Many of the speakers not only got my attention with their first sentence, but I do feel like I came out of the conference knowing more or thinking a bit differently about certain topics. I recommend that if you are ever in a place that holds these conferences (either TED or TEDx), that you attend. Hopefully those of you in Cape Town go to the next TEDx organized here in the city. It is extremely well organized and I do believe that most of the guest speakers did meet the general standards of TED talks around the world. If you did go this year I hope you were as happy as I was after coming out of the conferences and share with others your experience. 

TED website: http://www.ted.com
TEDxCape Town website: http://vp.tedxcapetown.org


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