New Yourstruly Cafe on Kloof Street


I had already posted about Yourstruly Cafe on Long St. earlier in my blog. But a little under a year ago they opened a second, much bigger, place on Kloof Street. The one in Long Street is more of a coffee shop only open until 4pm where as the one on Kloof is a coffee shop/restaurant during the day and is open until late and has more of a bar-like vibe at night. I personally like the one on Kloof more. At the moment this is definitely the place to go; it is very trendy, very hipster, with a very nice chill atmosphere and it is full of both cool locals and foreigners. It has a lot of benches outside, so even though it is full you always find a place to sit. I really recommend Yourstruly on Kloof to anyone who wants to have a laid-back drink, with some beer or wine, friends and food.

Yourstruly Cafe website:

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