West Coast National Park


When people visit Cape Town and its surrounding areas they normally go up the east coast more than they do up the west coast. I’d heard that going up to Langebaan (west coast) during spring time was very beautiful because you get to see all the flowers, but unfortunately last spring I was here we didn’t come around to organizing it. But we finally did it! We decided to go to the West Coast Naitonal Park which is located next to Langaban. It is a humongous national park with a lot of flora and wildlife. On one side of the park you get the sea and then hidden in between those valleys of flowers you get the most breathtaking lagoon you’ll ever see. We went prepared with food and drinks to be able to do a picnic there. If you do go I definitely consider you to either braai (bbq) in the braaing area they have, or to make a picnic. We decided to make up our picnic at the beach in the lagoon, and it is one of the greatest picnics I’ve had in my life! If you go make sure you have a whole day because it is like a half day expedition, especially if you decide to stay for picnic/braai. The drive alone is 1.5 hours from the city centre, and then when you are inside the park, it is so big you really don’t want to be in a hurry. I’m not really sure if the flowers are out during summer as well, but I definitely recommend that if you get a beautiful day any time in the next month you should take advantage of it and visit the West Coast National Park. It is one of the many treasures that I’ve discovered that South Africa has to offer. 

The West Coast National Park website: http://www.sanparks.org/parks/west_coast/





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