El Burro

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It was Mexico’s Independence day on the 16th of September, but we normally celebrate it on the night of the 15th to party all night until after 12am. So this year, seeing as though I’m far away from home, I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant to be a bit patriotic. We went to a restaurant called El Burro. I have written about a bar from the same owners called Cabrito. This is the first time I actually eat something at El Burro and I loved it! It is not only my favorite Mexican restaurant in town but it also one of my favorite overall restaurants in Cape Town. As a Mexican myself, I think some of the most important things that make a good Mexican restaurant good are: its tortillas and the guacamole, and El Burro did amazing on both! Very authentic I must say. The drinks are also amazing and the service is really good too. My boyfriend ordered the special for the night, the short ribs, and they were some of the most delicious short ribs I’ve ever had in Cape Town, even better than the ones at the Pot Luck Club. And we obviously had churros for desert, AMAZING; if you go order them. After having dinner at El Burro we went to have drinks downstairs at Cabrito.

I’ve only been there once and I made a reservation a couple nights in advance and they had space. But when we were there it was full and it was a Monday, so just to be safe I would call a few days before to make a reservation.

I really recommend El Burro for anyone looking to have a delicious and fun night out! Really one of the best so far.

El Burro website: http://elburro.co.za

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