Hiking Adventures

So I this is one of the post that has been way overdue. I live in the city with some of the most amazing hikes. As an avid hiker myself, hurting my knee has not been pleasant. I love to hike and although my knee is hurt, I still try to hike as much as I can, trying to stay more on the easy hikes. So the following are hikes that I’ve done and that I recommend:

1. Lion’s Head– This is the most obvious and typical hike besides Table Mountain, but don’t underestimated, it is famous for a reason. It is a beautiful hike. It is semi-easy, if your an beginner-intermediate. Just the hike by itself (with no stopping to see the view above) is like 50 min total, up and down. There are a few parts that are scary and the last part which is a bit of a climb with big rocks, but overall it’s one that mostly anyone can do. And at any point in time you can stop and the view will still be breath-taking, you don’t have to reach the top to get a beautiful view. I do recommend this hike, not too easy not too hard. If you are here on a full moon, make sure you hike Lion’s Head then (if it’s a pretty day), that way you can reach the top to watch the sunset and then you see the moon rising on the other side and then you go down with the light of the full moon. Although the full moon really lightens the night up make sure you still take a head lamp to go down when it’s dark!

LEVEL: Medium-easy

VIEW: 360 view of the city

HIKE TIME: 50 min total (beginner/intermediate)

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.46.47 PM

2. Devil’s Peak– I did this one with a hurt knee, so that means that it is also a medium hike. It took us about 3 hours in total (excluding our break on top to take in the view and get something to eat). It is a beautiful hike, I would recommend you to do this hike in the morning (I started 9am) that way you do go up with the intense African sun hanging over your shoulders which can make the hike very hard. Definitely take snack to eat at the top, as it is a longer hike it does require a bit more planning. But overall it is a great hike, like I said, not easy but also not hard.

LEVEL: Medium

VIEW: 360 view of the city

HIKE TIME: 3 hours total



3. Pipe Track– Pipe Track is a small trail that goes along the bottom of the Twelve Apostles. It is more of a walk than it is an actual hike. It is very easy, but you still feel like you exercise. It loops around but the last bit to get back to the beginning spot you have to go by the street so what I do is when I get to 30 min into the walk I turn around and head back. That way I do a 1 hour walk. Because it is so easy (a bit of a rocky terrain but it is mostly flat-ish) a lot of people run it. It is pet-friendly so you see a lot of the people walking/running with their dogs. It’s nice to go like at 4pm or 5pm because that light is always beautiful then, which makes the scenery even more worth it.


VIEW: Twelve Apostles and Camps Bay Area

TIME: The entire loop about 1hr and 20 min


4. The Glen – This hike is on the side of Camps Bay, you can start at different points but I normally start at the entrance on Chilworth Road. This is a beautiful hike because it is in the forest. At the beginning you see a picnic area with tables underneath huge African trees; it’s a lovely place to plan a lunch at. It is a quick and easy hike. It has a bit of a slope so yo do exercise but it’s not at all as intense as Lion’s Head or Devil’s Peak. Some people start this hike and then connect through the street to other hikes like Lion’s Head, Pipe Track or even Table Mountain. At the end of the day most all hikes are somehow connected.

LEVEL: Easy but with a hill

VIEW: Forest

HIKE TIME: 45 min total


5. Table Mountain – So there are a lot of trails and ways to get up to Table Mountain. The first time I came here I did the one that is known to be the easiest which is called Platteklip Gorge. I must say it was hard, but worth it. To come back down we decided to do it via the cable car because it looks a bit dangerous to go down because you have to climb over big rocks, but many people do it. When you hike any mountain, but especially Table Mountain because the view is like none other, make sure that clouds, or the “table cloth” as they call it here, isn’t covering the summit of the mountain otherwise you won’t get the views at the end, which is kind of your reward and the point of the hike.

LEVEL: Hard-Medium

VIEW: During the hike city center. Above a 360 view.

HIKE TIME: 1 hr 50 min to go up.

*Word of advice, don’t do any of these hikes by yourself. For starters in case of an accident it’s always good to have someone else. And second of all, there have been a lot of muggings in Lion’s Head, the Glen and Pipe Track so if you go with someone it lessen’s the probabilities. Also check that it hasn’t rained the day before or that it’s not misty so you don’t get a wet or slippery hike (which can be dangerous). But don’t let that scare you and just enjoy the hikes that this lovely city has to offer. Remember to take lots of pictures and lots of water as well!*