Tintswalo Atlantic


For my boyfriend’s birthday we decided to spend the night away. I choose Tintswalo Atlantinc, a hotel very close to CT just outside Hout Bay. We had an amazing stay. For starters, to get there from CT you drive through Chapman’s Peak, which is the most beautiful drive you can do in the Cape Town area. Whether you stay in this hotel or not make sure you do the Chapman’s Peak drive!

The food at Tintswalo was mouthwatering, the service was great, the pool was so perfect, it really was a lovely stay. Best of all you get free wine (of a certain brand called Protea, which was delicious) throughout all your stay. The thing is that it is expensive so we only stayed one night. I recommend this for a special night or celebration, the price was very high and if you book during peak season (which is summer, Nov-Feb) it might be even higher, but if you have the money go for it! What you can also try to do is book to have lunch or dinner and then ask if you can stay the whole day at the pool. I really enjoyed it here. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the interior decor, but once you see the view of the room you get over it immediately! I hope you get a chance to visit.

Tintswalo Atlantic website: http://www.tintswalo.com/atlantic/

IMG_1869   IMG_1768


3 thoughts on “Tintswalo Atlantic

    • Hi Moritz! Yes, amazing place. No, I just like a more simple, clean style that’s all. But don’t get me wrong it was very whimsical and fun because each room has a different island name, and is decorated as so. Very unique concept, I was just expecting something more clean/high-end like at other luxury hotels.
      But great experience! Hope my post is helpful! 🙂

      • I see what you mean. Sometimes hotels are a little to unique and “stylish”.

        Good to see that the experience was great, it definitely was helpful 🙂

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