Sababa is one of the most delicious restaurants in Cape Town. I’ve only been there for lunch, I don’t think it is open for dinner or breakfast. It is located at the upper end of Bree Street (super pretty) in the CBD area.I had already seen the restaurant before but it wasn’t until I got Sababa’s book for birthday that I realized how delicious the recipes actually looked. When I went there ant tried the food it because a weekly thing to go there.  It sells a variety of fresh foods like: Mediterranean food, curries and salads. And everyday they have different dishes, so you really know it’s freshly made.

What I love about it is that you eat there very fast because the food is already made and then you just choose from the platters that are out. It is a bit hard to explain how you order the food but basically you just wait for one of the waiters to tell him what you want from the platters and then they’ll explain to you what you can choose. Don’t be turned-off by being confused, the food is really delicious. It is great to eat there and have a quick bite but it is also a great place to get take-aways, which we did countless times.

Really really great food at Sababa!

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Big Route


My favorite pizzas in town are here at Big Route!

I’ve never tried anything else in the restaurant (because I love pizza) so I can’t recommend this restaurant for anything else. We sometimes order pick-up but we sometimes come and dine here. I like it more to sit in the restaurant and have dinner there because it has a really nice ambience, you can seat in the tables but you can also sit in the lounge area which is really comfortable and fun as well. This restaurant is in Green Point next to a lot of bars, so what we’ve done is we go for dinner here and then go have drinks at Cabrito, right next door (a bar I wrote about before).

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Giovanni’s Delicatessen


I love Giovanni’s because it is a very local hangout in Green Point, with great food. Some people just don’t seem to get it for some reason and say they don’t like it.

Giovanni’s is not a restaurant per se it is definitely more a deli than it is a restaurant. But they have delicious pre-made food (like meatballs, salads, noodles, vegetables, curries and stews), fresh bread, imported foods (by foods I obviously mean chocolates and cookies 🙂 ), delicatessen foods, really good meats and cheeses. Although they have food they really don’t have tables to sit at, they have a few seats inside, next to the coffee bar (no alcohol) and then they have a few tall tables but no chairs. It is a place to eat good food, fast, or on-the-go (which is what I do most of the times, I take it home). What I like the most is that the food is cooked in a very Italian way and they have a lot of Italian dishes, I also like that I find products that I don’t find in any other supermarkets in Cape Town. My #1 thing to buy here is the “buffalo mozzarella” the authentic mozzarella cheese I also love the pre-made food and to make my own sandwich.

It is great but I should warn you, very very OVERPRICED! But if you are looking for great food to takeaway, cheese/meats, delicious croissants or coffee, then go to Giovanni’s.

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Bombay Brasserie


Bombay Brasserie is one of the two restaurants at the Taj Hotel on Wale St. It is one of the most delicious Indian food I’ve had in my life (outside of India of course). The first time I went I didn’t like the menu as much but I think it was because I went during winter and the menu has less variety because they aren’t as busy. But then I saw online that the menu changed for summer and I went to try it out again and I loved it so much that I went twice in a week!

The food is delicious, the service is good, it gets really full now in summer (so make sure you call in advance to make a reservation). If you like Indian food this is the place to go. It is a bit pricy but it is worth it! I tried Bukhara and it doesn’t even come close to the quality of the food at  Bombay Brasserie.

Bombay Brasserie website (and image used above from):

Oranjezicht City Farm Market


One of the nicest things about living in Cape Town are the markets. When I first got here all I wanted to do was go to the Old Biscuit Mill because I thought it was the best in town (I still think it is one of the best). But the more I went the more annoyed I was at how busy it got and how impossible it was to move around and find a seat. So when I first heard about a smaller, and more genuine and farm-like, market I couldn’t wait for the next Saturday to arrive to see what culinary wonders awaited me. This market is the Oranjezicht City Farm market located in the city. When I went there the first time I didn’t quite understand it as much because it was much smaller market with less variety, but the more I went and the more I discovered the more I fell in love with it. Now it is my favorite market in Cape Town.

What is unique about the market is that the Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is a community garden that is open all week long and where you can volunteer. On Saturday they have the market on a small park on the side of the farm (they used to have a tent but the wind blew it down about two weeks ago). It is a very beautiful market with a lot of wholesome and “artisanal” foods, a lot of the stands offer gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, healthy and organic options. I love to go to buy my groceries of the week from there because they sell the fruits and veggies that grow in the garden, so not only do you get very fresh and organic foods but they also use the money to pay for staff. Another plus to OZCF market is that is a local Saturday morning hangout, so if you go you will not see as many tourists as you will at the Old Biscuit Mill.

The OZCF market is one of the hidden treasures that Cape Town has to offer, it is a very special place where you can discover local foods and talent.

So my favorites are: OZCF vegetable and fruit stand, Spades and Spoons Deli (try the gluten-free & sugar-free chocolate or carrot cake!), Sababa (falafels), Wilde at Heart (cordials), O’Ways (vegetarian buns), Woodstock Bakery (sourdough bread) and stand with the gluten-free crepes.

ENJOY! it is one of my favorite places.

OZCF website:

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El Burro

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It was Mexico’s Independence day on the 16th of September, but we normally celebrate it on the night of the 15th to party all night until after 12am. So this year, seeing as though I’m far away from home, I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant to be a bit patriotic. We went to a restaurant called El Burro. I have written about a bar from the same owners called Cabrito. This is the first time I actually eat something at El Burro and I loved it! It is not only my favorite Mexican restaurant in town but it also one of my favorite overall restaurants in Cape Town. As a Mexican myself, I think some of the most important things that make a good Mexican restaurant good are: its tortillas and the guacamole, and El Burro did amazing on both! Very authentic I must say. The drinks are also amazing and the service is really good too. My boyfriend ordered the special for the night, the short ribs, and they were some of the most delicious short ribs I’ve ever had in Cape Town, even better than the ones at the Pot Luck Club. And we obviously had churros for desert, AMAZING; if you go order them. After having dinner at El Burro we went to have drinks downstairs at Cabrito.

I’ve only been there once and I made a reservation a couple nights in advance and they had space. But when we were there it was full and it was a Monday, so just to be safe I would call a few days before to make a reservation.

I really recommend El Burro for anyone looking to have a delicious and fun night out! Really one of the best so far.

El Burro website:

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Franschhoek and Fransvliet



It was my birthday over the weekend, so my boyfriend took me to Franschhoek for a surprise weekend. It is a small French town in the wine lands, with a lot of vineyards and a small colonial town center; it is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve been to in South Africa. I really recommend everyone to go there even if it is just to spend the day. We did many things, we went horse-back riding amongst vineyards, we took the car and drove along the mountains where I saw the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen, we also had wonderful dinners at two restaurants: Motte and Cafe Bon Bon (both at vineyards). It was a memorable experience and I would love to go there again sometime soon.

There are many B&Bs, guest houses and vineyards you can choose from for accommodation. We stayed at a lovely, very small and quaint, guest house called Fransvliet. Fransvliet is a working fig, olive and grape farm which also has accommodation for guests. They are known for their amazing breakfast, which really were phenomenal and I can see why people rage about them. Very good service, very very nice rooms, all in all, I recommend this guest house to anyone traveling to Franschhoek.

Fransvliet website:


Church in Franschhoek


View from Fransvliet