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My favorite pizzas in town are here at Big Route!

I’ve never tried anything else in the restaurant (because I love pizza) so I can’t recommend this restaurant for anything else. We sometimes order pick-up but we sometimes come and dine here. I like it more to sit in the restaurant and have dinner there because it has a really nice ambience, you can seat in the tables but you can also sit in the lounge area which is really comfortable and fun as well. This restaurant is in Green Point next to a lot of bars, so what we’ve done is we go for dinner here and then go have drinks at Cabrito, right next door (a bar I wrote about before).

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Giovanni’s Delicatessen


I love Giovanni’s because it is a very local hangout in Green Point, with great food. Some people just don’t seem to get it for some reason and say they don’t like it.

Giovanni’s is not a restaurant per se it is definitely more a deli than it is a restaurant. But they have delicious pre-made food (like meatballs, salads, noodles, vegetables, curries and stews), fresh bread, imported foods (by foods I obviously mean chocolates and cookies 🙂 ), delicatessen foods, really good meats and cheeses. Although they have food they really don’t have tables to sit at, they have a few seats inside, next to the coffee bar (no alcohol) and then they have a few tall tables but no chairs. It is a place to eat good food, fast, or on-the-go (which is what I do most of the times, I take it home). What I like the most is that the food is cooked in a very Italian way and they have a lot of Italian dishes, I also like that I find products that I don’t find in any other supermarkets in Cape Town. My #1 thing to buy here is the “buffalo mozzarella” the authentic mozzarella cheese I also love the pre-made food and to make my own sandwich.

It is great but I should warn you, very very OVERPRICED! But if you are looking for great food to takeaway, cheese/meats, delicious croissants or coffee, then go to Giovanni’s.

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Night life in Cape Town is really fun you have bars and night clubs. The truth is that me and my boyfriend normally stick to bars, I don’t really like night clubs in general. Bars in Cape Town are very chill but very fun. One of my favorite bars in Cape Town is in Greenpoint, near to where I live; it is very new and it is called Cabrito. It’s a trendy Mexican bar (maybe I can identify with the Mexican part of it and that’s why I like to go there so much!) that was done by the same people that own the Mexican restaurant El Burro, which is located right above Cabrito.

Cabrito is a very nice bar to go to. What I love about it the most, besides it being Mexican, is that they sell really special liquor that you don’t find anywhere else in Cape Town. When I go out I normally stick to beer, wine and cider, but in this bar they sell very special kinds of craft beer, tequila and mezcal (another very very POTENT mexican liquor), not your typical really cheap tequila like Don Julio, and so my boyfriend and I sometimes go to try something new. We have made it a “thing” that we will try something new every time we go!

The bar has a very nice design, very simple, made out of wood, but also very modern. The ambience is very fun but very chill, I think your night really depends on the group you’re going there with. So make sure to go with a fun group of people if you do decide to try out this great little place.

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