Sababa is one of the most delicious restaurants in Cape Town. I’ve only been there for lunch, I don’t think it is open for dinner or breakfast. It is located at the upper end of Bree Street (super pretty) in the CBD area.I had already seen the restaurant before but it wasn’t until I got Sababa’s book for birthday that I realized how delicious the recipes actually looked. When I went there ant tried the food it because a weekly thing to go there.  It sells a variety of fresh foods like: Mediterranean food, curries and salads. And everyday they have different dishes, so you really know it’s freshly made.

What I love about it is that you eat there very fast because the food is already made and then you just choose from the platters that are out. It is a bit hard to explain how you order the food but basically you just wait for one of the waiters to tell him what you want from the platters and then they’ll explain to you what you can choose. Don’t be turned-off by being confused, the food is really delicious. It is great to eat there and have a quick bite but it is also a great place to get take-aways, which we did countless times.

Really really great food at Sababa!

Sababa’s website (also images from here):



La Petite Tarte


Whenever I used to go walking to my yoga classes, I used to pass by a place called La Petite Tarte in DeWaterkant that smelled delicious. For the first time by boyfriend and I had time in the morning to have breakfast in a place that’s not our kitchen so we decided to go there!

La Petite Tarte is very cute restaurant. It has a french-style to it, like a more high-end french bistro; the smell of butter definitely takes you back to France. The decoration and feel of the place is very quaint, it’s a small restaurant with a lot of cute and homey decorations that serves a breakfast menu all day, they do offer a bit more on their menu for when you go to have lunch and want something other than breakfast. They have croissants, quiche, sandwiches (toast), salad (which they change everyday), dessert like tarts and cakes, tea, coffee, wine, etc. When I went I had a croissant with the house-made jams and it was very good. I really recommend this place for breakfast or even for lunch because the desserts looked amazing. The service was very good and the price was very reasonable for our breakfast!

It’s perfect to go with friends for a nice quiet but fun meal. Also it’s in DeWaterkant and it is a lovely area to walk in with all the beautiful small colorful houses around.

La Petite Tarte website: couldn’t find one but I trust Trip Advisor,

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