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My favorite pizzas in town are here at Big Route!

I’ve never tried anything else in the restaurant (because I love pizza) so I can’t recommend this restaurant for anything else. We sometimes order pick-up but we sometimes come and dine here. I like it more to sit in the restaurant and have dinner there because it has a really nice ambience, you can seat in the tables but you can also sit in the lounge area which is really comfortable and fun as well. This restaurant is in Green Point next to a lot of bars, so what we’ve done is we go for dinner here and then go have drinks at Cabrito, right next door (a bar I wrote about before).

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In search of the best pizza – Yourstruly Cafe


Saying that I love pizza is a complete understatement; maybe addiction to pizza is more like it. I love all types of pizza, big crust, thin crust, cheesy crust, I love them all! I’m on a quest to finding the most perfect pizza in the city. I think that this love of mine for pizza and the fact that I eat it anywhere I go, makes my opinion of it a very legit one.

Over the weekend I went to a very cool place called Yourstruly Cafe at 175 Longstreet. It has a hipster and artsy vibe to it that makes it quite interesting. I really loved the design of the place, I thought it had a great environment and people. The service was really good as well. This place is known for its sandwiches/rolls, its coffee and its pizza. When I went I ordered a pizza, as I almost always do, and so did my boyfriend. There are some recommendations in the menu but you can kind of “design your own”. My boyfriend choose a Margherita which wasn’t on the menu and I ordered the Good Manners with no avo. They were both delicious but both my boyfriend and I liked the Good Manners better.

If you have a time, check it out, even if it is just for coffee or just to see the place you should! Really cool…

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Good Manners Pizza