Big Route


My favorite pizzas in town are here at Big Route!

I’ve never tried anything else in the restaurant (because I love pizza) so I can’t recommend this restaurant for anything else. We sometimes order pick-up but we sometimes come and dine here. I like it more to sit in the restaurant and have dinner there because it has a really nice ambience, you can seat in the tables but you can also sit in the lounge area which is really comfortable and fun as well. This restaurant is in Green Point next to a lot of bars, so what we’ve done is we go for dinner here and then go have drinks at Cabrito, right next door (a bar I wrote about before).

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Takumi Sushi


Best sushi in Cape Town! Takumi is a Japanese restaurant on Park Road very close to Kloof Street. It has great food, great atmosphere and great location. Price is very reasonable especially because it’s good quality. I’ve tried many sushi places in Cape Town (Beluga, Willoughby &Co, Nobu, etc) and this is really the best in town. Takumi is quite “authentic”; it’s owned by a Japanese man, Papa San, who is also the sushi chef and who you sometimes see walking around the restaurant. I would reserve a table maybe a day in advanced during summer especially during weekends, winters maybe to be safe just reserve if you’re planning on going on a Friday or weekends.

*Note, if you order an “inside out roll” watch out because they are extremely big and with most of them one order of sushi is enough. First time I went I ordered two inside out rolls, BAD idea… too much food, but delicious!*

Favorites: San Diego Roll (veggie roll) and Nasu Miso (eggplant with miso sauce). Also order the Thai beer Singha if they have it 🙂

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El Burro

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It was Mexico’s Independence day on the 16th of September, but we normally celebrate it on the night of the 15th to party all night until after 12am. So this year, seeing as though I’m far away from home, I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant to be a bit patriotic. We went to a restaurant called El Burro. I have written about a bar from the same owners called Cabrito. This is the first time I actually eat something at El Burro and I loved it! It is not only my favorite Mexican restaurant in town but it also one of my favorite overall restaurants in Cape Town. As a Mexican myself, I think some of the most important things that make a good Mexican restaurant good are: its tortillas and the guacamole, and El Burro did amazing on both! Very authentic I must say. The drinks are also amazing and the service is really good too. My boyfriend ordered the special for the night, the short ribs, and they were some of the most delicious short ribs I’ve ever had in Cape Town, even better than the ones at the Pot Luck Club. And we obviously had churros for desert, AMAZING; if you go order them. After having dinner at El Burro we went to have drinks downstairs at Cabrito.

I’ve only been there once and I made a reservation a couple nights in advance and they had space. But when we were there it was full and it was a Monday, so just to be safe I would call a few days before to make a reservation.

I really recommend El Burro for anyone looking to have a delicious and fun night out! Really one of the best so far.

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Fork is a tapas restaurant located in the CBD, on Long St. This restaurant is from the same people as Knife (another restaurant in city). I do recommend this restaurant very much. They have delicious dishes and for those of you who are vegetarian, they have many many options to choose from as well. The restaurant was very busy so the service was not amazing, but I really can’t complain because the manager and our waiter were very nice. What I like about their menu is that they divide it on price so you get the forty-five rand dishes, or the fifty rand dishes and so on. The location is also great, especially if you are planning on going out somewhere in Long St. right after. We made a booking for two people on the same and that wasn’t a problem, which is amazing, considering how restaurants are starting to get busier and busier with summer right around the corner! 

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The Pot Luck Club

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Last week I went to the famous restaurant The Pot Luck Club. The Pot Luck Club was opened by the British chef Luke Dale-Roberts, who is the same chef who opened the even more renowned restaurant in Cape Town, The Test Kitchen. Both restaurants are located at the Old Biscuit Mill and have similar vibes but have different menus. The Potluck Club is located at the top floor (6th floor) of one of the buildings inside the Old Biscuit Mill. This location is truly special, with an almost 360 degree view of Cape Town, it really has been the most beautiful setting I’ve been in at a restaurant in the city. I like the fact that it has an open kitchen, and open layout, so the kitchen becomes part of the ambience of the restaurant. The decor is very unique as well, I would say it is trendy industrial, but very chic; even the way they served some of their food, with paper with their logo on, like NYC street food style.

The food at the restaurant is one of the best I tasted in Cape Town, it is basically a tapas menu where proportions are purposely small so you can order many dishes and share. The menu is very international, it is a mix of dishes and flavors from Asia, South Africa, Europe and America. Its diversity in its flavors and dishes makes it a very exceptional restaurant to visit because it fuses all these tastes. What I also liked is that they have a vegetarian menu available, which also had delicious dishes like tofu tacos. My absolute favorite dish was the beef short ribs, they were insanely delicious. For the table we order the Moroccan lamb, the Korean chicken, potato wedges, fish tacos as well as the tofu tacos and a few other things. We ordered like 9 different dishes to share and I think it was the perfect amount for 3 people, although we were very full by the end. I would say that everyone interested in having a outstanding culinary experience should definitely go to The Pot Luck Club. It is quite pricey, but it is worth the price, even the service was the best I’ve had in Cape Town so far.

The only small problem is that because it is so famous you do have to book your table at least 2 or 3 weeks in advanced. I booked it 2 weeks in advanced and was only able to get the 6 pm slot instead of the 8 pm slot (they only sit people at either 6pm or 8pm), but I really didn’t mind because it was my dream to go to this restaurant. If you are a foodie, then you have to eat at The Pot Luck Club. And if you do go you have to try the pomegranate, litchi and sake cocktail… best cocktail I’ve ever had!

The Pot Luck Club Website:

La Petite Tarte


Whenever I used to go walking to my yoga classes, I used to pass by a place called La Petite Tarte in DeWaterkant that smelled delicious. For the first time by boyfriend and I had time in the morning to have breakfast in a place that’s not our kitchen so we decided to go there!

La Petite Tarte is very cute restaurant. It has a french-style to it, like a more high-end french bistro; the smell of butter definitely takes you back to France. The decoration and feel of the place is very quaint, it’s a small restaurant with a lot of cute and homey decorations that serves a breakfast menu all day, they do offer a bit more on their menu for when you go to have lunch and want something other than breakfast. They have croissants, quiche, sandwiches (toast), salad (which they change everyday), dessert like tarts and cakes, tea, coffee, wine, etc. When I went I had a croissant with the house-made jams and it was very good. I really recommend this place for breakfast or even for lunch because the desserts looked amazing. The service was very good and the price was very reasonable for our breakfast!

It’s perfect to go with friends for a nice quiet but fun meal. Also it’s in DeWaterkant and it is a lovely area to walk in with all the beautiful small colorful houses around.

La Petite Tarte website: couldn’t find one but I trust Trip Advisor,

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Hemelhuijs is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve been to in Cape Town. The restaurant is in the border of the CBD and DeWaterkant. What makes it so great is their whole concept of modern with a “clean” finish, and also their amazing attention to detail (to the decor, the staff and the food) which makes this a true one-of-a-kind experience. The idea of “it’s all in the details” describes them perfectly… even their salt is even infused with carbon! What I loved about the restaurant is how fresh the food is and how they are bringing in the idea of wholesome foods into their menu but with a very modern twist to it. I have to admit that the menu is a bit weird because I think they have one menu for all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) so the menu has a bit of all three meals; but don’t let this scare you, the taste and quality of the food are amazing! Hemelhuijs is known for their eggs, especially their poached eggs. Most of their dishes contain egg in some way (poached, scrambled, etc). I don’t eat egg so I ate toast and it was so good, the bread was so so fresh. I also had a delicious fresh juice with apple, pineapple and coconut water. It was a great meal! It is an expensive restaurant (especially when you compare it to normal breakfast prices) so just take that into consideration when looking for a place to eat.

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Pineapple, apple and coconut



Carbon infused salt! Does taste good