Bombay Brasserie


Bombay Brasserie is one of the two restaurants at the Taj Hotel on Wale St. It is one of the most delicious Indian food I’ve had in my life (outside of India of course). The first time I went I didn’t like the menu as much but I think it was because I went during winter and the menu has less variety because they aren’t as busy. But then I saw online that the menu changed for summer and I went to try it out again and I loved it so much that I went twice in a week!

The food is delicious, the service is good, it gets really full now in summer (so make sure you call in advance to make a reservation). If you like Indian food this is the place to go. It is a bit pricy but it is worth it! I tried Bukhara and it doesn’t even come close to the quality of the food at  Bombay Brasserie.

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Fork is a tapas restaurant located in the CBD, on Long St. This restaurant is from the same people as Knife (another restaurant in city). I do recommend this restaurant very much. They have delicious dishes and for those of you who are vegetarian, they have many many options to choose from as well. The restaurant was very busy so the service was not amazing, but I really can’t complain because the manager and our waiter were very nice. What I like about their menu is that they divide it on price so you get the forty-five rand dishes, or the fifty rand dishes and so on. The location is also great, especially if you are planning on going out somewhere in Long St. right after. We made a booking for two people on the same and that wasn’t a problem, which is amazing, considering how restaurants are starting to get busier and busier with summer right around the corner! 

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